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Confiance 100.00 67
Sérieux 100.00
Magicvillois bertie312

Je suis un mâle, né le 26/12/72
Je vis à Admi ListeBlanche & MoDo DZ MT,
Inscrit depuis le 27/02/07
Fetchland :

2 French Arid Mesa nm
1 French Verdant Catacombs nm
3 French [foil]Verdant Catacombs[/foil]
1 French Scalding Tarn nm
8 French Misty Rainforest nm

3 English Bloodstained Mire nm
2 French Wooded Foothills nm
1 English [foil]Wooded Foothills[/foil] Crimped on the TOP (no Stupid offer Please)
2 French Flooded strand nm

FBB Dual : Migh have more than 1

2 Plateau FBB nm
3 Badlands FBB nm
3 Scrubland FBB exc+
3 Taiga FBB exc
2 Bayou FBB exc+
1 Savannah FBB nm
3 Volcanic Island FBB exc
3 Tundra FBB nm
3 Tropical Island FBB exc
3 Underground Sea FBB exc

Revised and Unlimited Dual:

4 RV Savannah
1 UNL Plateau
1 UNL Tropical Island Badly crimped and Miscut (no Stupid offer Please)

Legacy Staple :

4 Metalworker nm
1 Overgrown Tomb ravnica nm
1 Sol Ring FBB nm
2 Yawgmoth's Will nm
3 Crucible of Worlds nm
1 Fork FBB nm-
4 Stifle nm
3 Engineered Explosives nm
2 Sylvan Library FBB + 1 full art altered
1 Underworld Dreams legends nm
4 Burning Wish nm 4 22
2 Volrath's Stronghold nm
2 Exploration nm
2 Land Tax FBB
1 Vampiric Tutor nm
3 Wrath of God FBB German and French
4 Umezawa's Jitte nm/1nm-
3 Academy Rector nm
1 Mox Diamond exc
3 Intuition nm
8 Force of Will

Foreign Staple : can sale those too


4 reanimate
4 exhume
4 animate dead
4 city of traitors
4 lotus petal
4 sword
4 waste land
4 bolt 4th BB
4 intuition
1 forteresse de Wöhlrajh


4 inquisition de koizilek
4 urborg tombe de Y.


4 tarmogoyf
4 thoughtseize
4 vendillon clique
4 leyline (white)
4 thalia
4 spell snare
4 mutavault
4 Qasali Pridemage
4 Knight of the Reliquary
4 stoneforge mythic
4 deathrite shamane
4 Noble Hierarch
4 dark confident
4 ley line (black)

Deckable card : Migh have more than 1 (usually playset)

x Brainstorm mercadia nm
x Spell Pierce nm
x Serum Visions nm
x Manamorphose nm
x Lightning Helix nm
x Cephalid Coliseum nm
x Eternal Witness 5eme aube nm
x Imperious Perfect nm
x Elvish Spirit Guide nm
x Path to Exile nm
x Worldly Tutor mirage nm
x Eladamri's Call nm
x Life from the Loam nm
x Cabal Coffers nm
x Cabal Therapy nm
x Ensnaring Bridge forteress nm
x Oath of Druids nm
x Swords to Plowshares 3ed bn
x Tombstalker nm
x Chalice of the Void nm
x Gifts Ungiven nm
x Academy Ruins nm
x Reflecting Pool tempete nm
x balance 3ed bn nm
x Sensei's Divining Top nm
x Genesis nm 1
x Demonic Tutor

x = I don't put quantities but might have more than 1... Will check on request !

Force of Will nm/1nm- 4

Recherches des cartes qui se deal facilement... Preference pour le legacy ou modern, pas de standart please...

- Dual Land
- FoW
- Fetch
- Goyf
- Confidant
- Carte à +20

Arrivage en Attente :

Hunter : attente ref
ThomThom :Attente Ref
devossum : Attente un Jace vs flooded EE Waste
Darkimlli : Heath, stifle, wooded vs fechl
WingXero : Arid Scalding Verdant Aluren Ravland vs 3 Misty Vf